NAUDEQ Company

Software and hardware for maritime navigation and training centres

NAUDEQ is an acknowledged leader in high technology navigational equipment,navigation and communication systems production.

Our crew of highly professional experts includes seamen, engineers, mathematicians, business men, financiers, managers. Each of us has an unique knowledge and huge experience at his area. Our people has worked out the navigation systems since 1989. Over the years, NAUDEQ keeps its innovating character, what demands big research and development work.

Today, NAUDEQ offers a wide spectrum of high technology products and services covering the fields of software development, maintenance services, quality control, data production and sales of hi-tech navigational systems for the maritime market. In this area, the company aims at the integrated decision of tasks for the navigation equipment. For these purposes complex development of onboard systems, fleet monitoring & rescue systems and a wide range of simulators are conducted. The range of NAUDEQ products are divided in three categories : the OnBoard Systems (ECDIS, MLOCSS, DPS, etc…), the Moving Objects Monitoring Systems (Fleet Monitoring System, etc...) and the Simulators Systems (Full Ship-Handling Bridge Navigational and Fishing Simulator, ARPA/RADAR Simulator, GMDSS Simulator, Power Machine Simulator, etc…).

Each NAUDEQ product has been conceived and developed in agreement with international standards for professional navigation software packages and equipment. NAUDEQ products have been certified by Lloyd’s Register, Bureau Veritas, IGEM, B.S.H. and others specific and general international certification societies.

Production, developed and commercialized by NAUDEQ company, is focused on the maritime sector. The basic customers of our systems are:

  • Commercial fleet;
  • Military fleet;
  • Governmental and urban authorities;
  • Army;
  • Educational institutions;
  • The transport companies and private persons interested in navigating maintenance of their vehicles (ships, yachts, cars etc.).

Parallel to the work in the marine industry, NAUDEQ is involved in the transfer of these technologies into different, future oriented fields of systems.

The important part of NAUDEQ's work is strengthening of business partnerships with conducting companies engaged in development of adjoining production. It allows solving questions of compatibility of products and their integration in the general complexes deciding thus strategic tasks operatively.

The collective of the company confirms with their work, that the modern electronic equipment is more complex, more accessible, more favorable and, what is the most important thing - it is more reliable than whenever it was!

The company is present in different countries and provides, via a distribution network, not only the installation but full maintenance service.