Onboard GPS/GLONASS navigation receivers (GP-GL)

NAUDEQ is ready to develop and to deliver you:

GP-GL MT-102

GP-GL MT-201

GP-GL MT-102 and GP-GL MT-201 are the ship reception equipment using the satellite radionavigation system (SRNS) GLONASS, GPS, WAAS, EGNOS with the channel of reception and processing of the differential amendments of average wave radio beacons, is intended to increase the safety navigation. The equipment is developed for sea and river vessels, which speed does not exceed 50 knots.

Simultaneous use of signals from two Global Navigating Satellite Systems, allows to avoid "dead zones" (absence of satellites in a sure reception signal zone) - you will always know precisely site. Besides, the amplifier of satellite signals allows to be guided even on weak signals.


GP-GL AK-161 - the small-sized reception base module completely corresponds to modern requirements of the market and allows with a peak efficiency to use opportunities of global navigating satellite systems GLONASS and GPS. Is applied in marine, air and land navigating systems, and also for the synchronization of coherent and telecommunication systems.

16 universal channels of signals reception are more than enough for the majority of users. A combination of cost of the module and its characteristics, low power consumption are the obvious advantages in front of other similar devices.

The definition mode of the frequency - temporary characteristics in a point with known coordinates allows to use the AK-161 module as a synchronizer for a communication and telecommunications facility.

The module provides differential correction of the received data (RTCM) and completely supports created now systems WAAS and EGNOS, called to supply differential accuracy a place of definition without binding to removed stations.


SCUTUM 10 is a system intended for scheduling and monitoring the vessels using SRNS GLONASS, GPS, WAAS, EGNOS and marine communication channels, that deduces it on a qualitatively new level of reliability and definition of accuracy of driven objects in comparison with earlier similar systems.

The system provides:

  • Continuous monitoring of a vessel site, speed and course of its movement, and also its technical condition;
  • Display of vessel position in sea and in ports with the help of electronic navigation cartographic system;
  • Automatic documenting and archiving of the received and transmitted information.

Distinctive feature of development spent by NAUDEQ is our high adaptation to the customer's requirements and openness for integration with other systems.

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