VR-DYPO (DPS Simulator)

NAUDEQ introduce VR-DYPO - a joystick and Dynamic Positioning System, based on latest control technology and implemented on a Windows NT / 2000 PC Platform. Highly accurate position control with reasonable priced system of high maintainability are the results. Multiple stations are easily implemented as well as dual or triple redundant systems. Workstations may be added which integrate monitoring and alarm systems as well as electronic chartploting.

  • Low / High speed tracking
  • Fallow target
  • Auto sail
  • Special Applications


  • Ferries
  • Multi-purpose support vessels
  • Heavy lift vessels
  • Driver support vessels
  • Drilling vessels
  • Cable ship
  • Mine sweepers
  • Rescue vessels
  • Survey vessels
  • Fire-fighting vessels
  • Supply vessels
  • Cargo vessels, tankers
  • Harbor tugs
  • Mega-yacht of VIP Class


  • Intel Industrial Pentium Processor Ethernet LAN
  • Display - 14 Color LCD, Touch Screen, Soft Keys
  • Panel - two axis joystick, moment knob, keypad
  • PLC - GE Funuc
  • Alarm printer
  • Windows NT (2000) Operating System
  • Main, Remote and Portable Operator Station


  • Control modes: manual and auto heading; manual, semi-auto and auto positioning
  • Autopilot
  • Automatic Wind Compensation
  • Remote Center of Rotation
  • Thrusters limiting
  • Custom thruster allocation logic
  • Consequence analysis and holding plot
  • Message reporting
  • High-resolution operator interface
  • Portable Operator Station
  • Built-in trainer


  • DGPS
  • Hydroacoustic Position Reference System
  • Gyro
  • Wind sensor
  • Vertical Reference Sensor

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