There are three categories of NAUDEQ's products:


COMMAND-DEQ (Integrated Bridge System - IBS)

The total Navigation System is based on «IBS» concept (Integrated Brdge System).

The navigation system will adopt and follow the latest international standards for Navigation Systems, defined by IMO and IEC.

Standards are followed for: Navigation radars, ECDIS, Speed log, Echo sounder, DGPS/GPS, AIS, DPS and Autopilot/Track pilot system, Multi Loading Online Control Stability System.

MASTER-DEQ 10/20 (Electronic Charts Display and Information System – ECDIS)
Electronic Charts Display and Information System and E.C.S. for Navy, Merchant fleets, fishing fleets and yachting.
Certificated ECDIS Product, compatible with electronic charts in formats:
  • ENC S-57 Edition 3.1
  • ARCS
  • BSB
Easy to install and uncomplicated to use, MASTER-DEQ has a number of key benefits which greatly contribute to the navigational safety of the vessel and to onboard efficiency. 
Exist on Training version: VR-ECDIS.
LOAD-DEQ (Multi Loading Online Control Stability System)
Certificated Product, exist for all type of vessels (intact or damaged).
This software can be supplied with our approved different types of gauging, in order to become Really Online System.
This application consist of several modules including Intact Trim & Stability, Strength Calculation, Damaged Trim & Stability.
Several Cargoplans are also available: General Cargo, Container Cargo, Liquid Cargo, Bulk Cargo and Grain Cargo.
Exist on Training version: VR-LOAD
DYPO-DEQ (Dynamic Positioning System)
DYPO-DEQ was conceived with high performance software and hardware, for applications who need accuracy and autonomous integrity monitoring.
Certificated Product for:
  • Military
  • Scientific
  • Work boats
Exist on Training System: VR-DYPO
SSAS–DEQ (Ship Security and Alarm System)
The TT-3000SSAS Capsat® Ship Security Alert System produce by Thrane and Thrane, provides a global alert function through the Inmarsat. This system have an very important role in maritime safety and for more than a decade an integral part of the IMO's GMDSS. SSAS is to supply the customers with a system that fulfils the new SOLAS requirements from IMO.
GP-GL (Onboard GPS/GLONASS navigation receivers)
Ground, plane and ship equipment of the consumers working on signals RNS "Chayka", "Loran", "Alfa", and SRNS GLONASS/GPS including working in a differential mode.
Level Measurement in Ballast & Service Tanks, Multipurpose Pressure Measurement.
System for Cargo Tank.


FLEET-DEQ (Monitoring Control & Rescue System)
Fleet Management and Monitoring System preview for Ship-owners and Rescue Centers, allows to oversee the vessels of a company, and to obtain all information about it (speed, route, state, etc…). The system permits also to receive and to send information to the others vessels of a group.


VR-NAV (Navigational, Fishing, ARPA/Radar, ECDIS, DPS simulators)
Full Ship-Handling Bridge Simulator and Full Ship-Handling Fishing Bridge Simulator for Maritime Navigation Training Centers.
Approved Product including:
  • Navigational
  • ARPA Radar
  • Fishing
  • DPS
  • Sonar
  • Echo sounder
  • NetSond
  • Navtools
  • Trawl Master
All described devices can be used on Standalone Mode.
Exist the Fishing Simulator with specific functions: VR-FISHING.
VR-ARPA (ARPA/Radar Simulator)
Simulator of the ARPA/Radar, and all the standard functions of the software.
VR-COMM (GMDSS Simulators)
Global Maritime Distress and Security System - GMDSS.
Approved Product, from Standalone till Classroom to training G.O.C. (General Operator Certificate) and R.O.C. (Restricted Operator Certificate) specialists (Areas A1 to A4).
The System bring major improvements to maritime safety and communications, it is an automated ship to shore distress alerting system that relies on satellite and advanced terrestrial communications links. The system also provides some limited ship to ship communications capabilities.
VR-DYPO (DPS Simulator)
Simulator of the Dynamic Positioning System, and all the standard functions of the software.
VR-ENGINE (Power Machine Simulator) Power Machine Simulator is an approuved Product, from Standalone till Classroom.
VR-TRAFFIC Vessel Traffic System Simulator.
VR-FISHING (Full Ship-Handling Bridge Fishing Simulator)
Professional Fishing, Navigational and ARPA/Radar simulator, allows to realize the different aspects of the education and the certification of navigators according to the requirements of International Agreements STCW 95/98 and STCW-F 95/98.

Each NAUDEQ product and system, has primarily been designed and produced for professional navigation use, for normal and contingency situations, and also for professional training purposes.

They have been conceived and developed in agreement with «international standards» of professional navigation software packages and equipment. Our products have been certified, or are ready to certification by Lloyd’s Register, Bureau Veritas, I.G.E.M. («Inspection Générale de l’Enseignement Maritime») and B.S.H. (Bundesamt für Seeschiffahrt und Hydrographie) Specific and general international certification societies.

Software packages used in the different aforesaid applications are NAUDEQ property and have been developed using programming language C++ and can work under control of operating system Windows NT/2000/XP and Linux. The software packages have been designed for networking applications and can be connected to any type of peripherals.

The hardware selected for the realization of consoles and other equipment are industrial approved quality, they are presently supplied by CAPAX, CONRAC and HATTELAND.